Pontoon Boat Rentals Ontario from Simcoe Rentals-SIMCOE RENTALS

Pontoon Boat Rentals Ontario from Simcoe Rentals-SIMCOE RENTALS

Pontoon boat Rentals

20' Crest Pontoon with 50hp
Renting a Pontoon boat from Simcoe Rentals is a fantastic choice for families with small children or for entertaining friends in a safe and relaxing way. Because pontoon boats are so spacious, there is a lot room for your guests and for children to move about the boat with ease. There is also plenty of room for everyone’s gear, adding even more comfort and convenience to a very enjoyable trip all around.

Pontoon boats are also the ultimate beginner-friendly watercraft. Regardless of your experience, a pontoon is extremely easy to use. They feature a stable platform and controls that are very intuitive and a breeze to master. Pontoon boats are also easy to drive and handle because of their sheer weight, making them much more stable and safe for you, your family and friends to enjoy the beauty of Muskoka’s many lakes.

Our pontoon boat rentals are the easiest boat to dock. Because pontoon boats are easy to drive, they’re also easy to dock. You’ll be a master of the art form in no time. Easy to board, easy to disembark and an absolute pleasure to drive and entertain. Make your next vacation a memorable one with a pontoon boat rental from Simcoe Rentals. You’ll be glad you did!

Day rate $489

Two day $749

Three day $1149

Weekly rate $2589