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Sea Doo Trixx 3 Up 90hp
Book your Sea Doo rental in Ontario with us and be amazed by the Sea Doo Trixx 3 Upís maneuverability and itís ability to perform tricks easily on the water. Along with a wild paint job and room for 2 friends, cruise or race the many lakes of Muskoka in eye-catching and exhilarating style. Sea Doo has never been lacking, but they really took things a step further with the Trixx. The Sea Doo Trixx completely pushes the limits of Sea Doo rental performance. The added features of this model allows you to perform tricks (hence the name) that no other water craft can do and we canít over state how it maneuvers like no other.
The Sea Doo Trixx uses the very powerful 90 hp Rotax marine engine found in many other 3up Sea Doo models. The Sea Doo Trixx has a top speed of up to 50 mph / 80 kph. Sea Doo top speeds vary depending on a lot of factors, so top speeds are not consistent. Even with all this performance, our Sea Doo Trixx rental is surprisingly fuel efficient.

Take your next vacation to the next level of excitement; you wish the day would never end! Trust us your next Sea Doo rental and make your next vacation a memorable one.

Day rate $299

Weekend rate $469

Three day weekend $589

Weekly rate $799