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Sea Doo Sportster 155hp
Simcoe Rentals has chosen the Sea Doo Sportster 155hp as your best choice for speed boat rentals. If you took a Sea Doo and put it on steroids, you would end up with something that resembles and handles a lot like the Sea Doo Sportster. This stylish speed boat delivers all the razzle-dazzle you want when exploring or racing around our beautiful lakes in Muskoka. This boat is so easy to drive and the four-stroke jet drive performs effortlessly and itís very quiet. Get your adrenaline rush without being a loud spectacle. You donít need to run loud to feel the excitement with our Sea Doo Sportster rental.

The 155 hp four-stroke three-cylinder Rotax marine engine with a single overhead cam is the piece of technology to thank for such quiet operation and the engine's multi-port fuel injection significantly increases its fuel efficiency.

We canít over state this boats maneuverability. The Sea Doo Sportster can turn on a dime. Youíll look like a pro, doing a 180 degree turn virtually in place. Youíll enjoy a top speed of 50 mph / 80 kph and even at high speeds, handling is comfortable and controlled. Cruising speed for this boat is approximately 35 mph / 55 kph.
Choose Simcoe Rental for your next speed boat rental and make your next vacation a memorable one!

Boat rental rates

Day rate $429

Weekend rate $659

Three day weekend $765

Weekly rate $979