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Waterfront Cottage Rental

Owning a waterfront cottage is a dream for many Canadians. Realize the benefits of that dream with a waterfront cottage rental without the huge cost. Get a beautiful location and a cozy 3 bedroom cottage with a private dock as your little slice of paradise. Whether you want to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of the view from your waterfront deck or you are a water sports enthusiast, your cottage rental in Washago, Ontario gives you the best of both. Plus the area is absolutely breath-taking. Explore the lake or the forests and let the beauty and wonder of nature sooth your soul.

Waterfront cottage rental. Peace and tranquility in Washago Muskoka.

Sometimes just the tranquility of being by a lake can be enough to recharge your battery. A waterfront cottage rental is also great for hosting family and friends and if you have kids, a lake means hours of easy entertainment, especially in the summer

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be overwhelming. Choosing a peaceful cottage rental to retreat is a fantastic way to de-stress. And remember, our cottage is not just for the summer. Many people enjoy the peace and tranquility of our waterfront cottages any time of the year.
  • Beautiful view
  • Room for family and friends
  • In gorgeous Muskoka
  • Private dock
  • Stress relieving
  • Waterfront patio
  • Full kitchen and living room
  • A great value
  • Make your next vacation a memorable one!

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